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Hello everyone,

For those interested in checking out great art i have this Facebook page called "Insprirational Artboost" where i show the work of great known and unknown artists around the web.
See you there :)
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Let me feature some of my favorites #21...

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 7, 2013, 11:43 PM
Phi by sadist-oldmanLike Smoke by LuxDani<da:thumb id="394920824"/><da:thumb id="273396154"/><da:thumb id="395564202"/> Specimen-19 by SalHunter<da:thumb id="395486728"/> 131 by spivakart Exquisite Corpse by sakaaali<da:thumb id="390102722"/> Bull Elephant by mickoc Stranger Series - Absence by Kehven CROPSHIFTING by Ensomniac Nine Rings Of Initiation by PellucidMind ................................ by damianparlicki<da:thumb id="383072627"/> The Last Ray by SRudy Don Peyote by Bernardumaine<da:thumb id="371167513"/> Transcendence by Guru-of-Graphite Plasmic Skyscape by Guru-of-Graphite

Mature Content

A Change in the Weather by Deborah-Valentine
old tree by JoeMacGown Untitled by mira9909 Impossible Mineralogy [AVAILABLE COVER-ART] by VelioJosto One man's perception by DanNeamu BLACK AND RED 1 by javierGpacheco

Mature Content

Growth by Miles-Johnston
lupta cu sine by DanNeamu<da:thumb id="355177935"/> Visual perception by DanNeamu Fantasy Drawing by JoachimL medea waiting for helios by lisa-im-laerm Nocteonantsautura by mattpinyan Anatomy of a nightmare by sakaaali Exquisite Corpse by sakaaali Creature I by DannyFilth01 The Observer by zyphryus A Very Exquisite Corpse by SalHunter<da:thumb id="202634589"/> Leaking by Miles-Johnston Fool on the Hill by Rathsi<da:thumb id="347624377"/> one last kiss before dying by proxi-mity Lawless Mechanics by LuckyRossMartin Vacaloca by LuckyRossMartin<da:thumb id="340224256"/><da:thumb id="343658515"/> The Savior by ellegottzi<da:thumb id="345098299"/><da:thumb id="344148894"/>

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I ask myself frequently why i make dark art (i know there is way darker art out there) and why it seems to come up intuitively even when not intended.
I am no angry or evil kind of guy and i can imagine that a lot of you out there that make the so called dark art are very nice people.
My idea is that when you work intuitive and these dark themes or creatures emerge they are like a metaphore for lets say issues you are having with you're self and it could be something you should have to or can look into. It is like a deeper knowledge presenting itself in a way of imagery that we have labeled as dark and bad and therefor a disturbance within ones life.

What do you think?
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Is there a connection between lust and love?

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 25, 2013, 4:56 AM
This is a contemplation i did while making the drawing beneath.
It's quite a long read and there is probably more to say in the end but this is it for now.

I hope it will make you think about the subject and please tell me what you think

Mature Content

Lust rages in search of love by MBKKR

Is there a connection between lust and love?

First i want to know what is "Love" and what is "Lust"?

In most relationships people think, if they have sex there is love thats why we say "making love" like love is something you create in that moment.
But is there a place for love within lust? Lust is a strong and powerful energy that is concerned with mostly itself, the orgasm as goal. With that orgasm new life is made possible, although humans are will not really notice this in the heat of the moment.  Except when a couple wants to have children and therefore are having sex deliberately.

Is lust therefore nothing more then a build in energy that is only concerned with satisfying there own pleasures and/or reproduction?
Does that mean there is no love in making offspring for lust itself, will it just go on without concerning?
If it does concerns lust the drift for reproducing would disappear after reproducing; lets say a dozen or more children.
But that does not happen. But taking care for a dozen or more children is not something we like doing in most cases, even if you think children are great.
Running away from your responsibilities concerning children and there mothers is not done in western society these days and we usually do not want to either. Although in other cultures it can be normal for man not to be concerned with the upbringing of there offspring and even reproducing more offspring with other woman as well. So can we say this is based on purely thoughts that came from culture in which one has been brought up? In the west we generally choose to live a monogamous life. Why did we choose for this, if our instincts do not work this way? The human being has chosen to be monogamous because it gives more certainty and therefor has more value in creating a relationship. Also it is given more respect within society to do so, it gives a more secure and serious feel to a relationship. So if you are being monogamous you are doing good and you are being responsible, if you are not monogamous then it is thought you are not very serious with life and cannot build a steady relationship and certainly not with children. So can we talk about love within this? As far as i noticed it is purely driven by primal instincts and monogamy is merly based on thoughts we created. But for the offspring we know there has to be a loving mother in the first place and loving people that surround the mother and child. Or is it evolution and we found out that it is good for children to have a father that is concerned and engaged with there children's life?

So, if the energy of lust is in the core not concerned with offspring itself, than lust can be reduced to only a force of animal instinctive transmission of genetic material that is only concerned with spreading as much of this genetic material as possible so you create a larger empire from your genetic material.

Why is it that man can produce new offspring every day while the creation of a new born needs nine months?
What about the feeling of lust within woman, which is mainly present around ovulation, this must only be for producing new offspring. But still after having several offspring the feeling of lust will be present although it is proven to get less after menopause in most cases. So lust is only a given physical potential that can be used between given time.
Thats why the urge for having offspring is between a certain period of ones life. The other thing is the difference that is there between man and woman. The drive for having children is much bigger for woman then it is for men.

What is this love?
Love is the energy that cares for the other without the thought "i have to love", in other words it is acting without thought applied in it's act. It's a natural universal instinct. In the core of the LOVE energy the feeling that one wants to care for someone in need of care. It is a universal feeling and it is the same feeling wether it is your husband or wife, friend, relative or even someone you don't know. So i would like to suggest that love is a word we turned into something to big and placed out of it's context.
And that is the feeling of oneness is the feeling of caring for each other.

The only thing that is different is the thoughts and ideas that we apply upon helping others that makes it hard to act
It's the duality that is created with these thoughts that creates a negative feeling when helping someone you don't know and a feeling of pressure if people want you to help someone you do know. Duality creates a distance and closure. For love to work in full there has to be openness or a feeling of synchronicity so energy can flow through more than one being.

The real "love" is situated before thought and should come natural.

So, as i see it lust is something that is a energy within love. As love, like stated above, is the base feeling of life itself… If so is this energy present in our lives for more then just making offspring?

Can lust be a way to experience love at the center of our being for a brief moment and is that why we like this experience because it brings us closer to the essence of life? Isn't it so after having sex the expansion of the mind and the rest it gives feels hugh in that moment there is nothing else than that and the person with whom it is experienced with. It is when thoughts come back from our everyday life like doing the laundry or the shopping list the feeling disappears and we are back in to our daily things.

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Let me feature some of my favorites #20...

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 5, 2012, 6:21 AM
:thumb339368015: The Golden Years by SandieBlair funambulist by 25kartinok
39 Roses by m-v-c

Mature Content

Arise by leoplaw
Blue Flesh by Pierre-Lagarde Somewhere... by AdamMajchrzak Working Men by miyop
The Golden Age by Yoann-Lossel The Greenseer by ForestEdgeFineArt Slurp by Sylvanor
:thumb339546858: Floating Swan by vvolfmann where dreams come true. by Unassailably
Life Inside A Snow Globe by AimishBoy the ring by augenweide Muted by Hengki24

Mature Content

Faith. Hope. Love. by daunhaus
wall by kitkat523

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Let me feature some of my favorites #19...

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 16, 2012, 8:42 AM
The Simplicity of Silence by arminmersmann Where is my mind? by sakaaali Old Bajaj by toniart57
:thumb300723025: it seems to be spreading by deadanna elephant by francoclun Message by reemayer
The Prophet by RembrandtReload Life's like a Bubble by DaveLopes Euclid's feelings by shvayba

Evolution by adriansalamandre Abyss by luka-basyrov-art

Mature Content

Erotic Imagination by Mihai82000

Dysthymia by reality-must-die :thumb183898897: Orphic Awakening by asage

Abstract photography
ripple by katpi Help Me Get Up by juanfox94 Sweet Sweet Home by MichiLauke
Modern Spyware by Einsilbig Reves d'urbanisme by LeMatos The world Underwater by ulyce

Nature photography
Overwhelming... by MorkelErasmus The House by fusionx Stormy Reflections by parkflavor
Playing in the Clouds by DavidMCoyle :thumb329120014: In Awe by hougaard
Waiting for another Paradise by UgurDoyduk Little visitor by ValentinaKallias High Res Magnification by darkHunTer2009
Grungy frog by AngiWallace :thumb251159159: hitchhiker by MartinAmm
Watching The Rain Fall by Thinking-Silence Cyanistes caeruleus by XanaduPhotography Carolina Wren by Ryser915
Dark Side... by Alannah-Hawker Snow Fox by thrumyeye Fruit Bat by hidarime-images Gorilla's Stare by Zx30
S T O N E S I I by SevenHeptagons all alone by Megson

Golden Boy by deignis The divisions of pleasure by deignis Last kiss by deignis
De Natura Luminis by CastalianVisions Ectoplasm by farboart Blossom by rafa-insane

Discite moniti by BNEP Maythorn by tonypowys ConsciousFeminine Main by RyanTottle

Nude Photography
reflection by The96th

Mature Content

Uplifted by alberich
Bamboo Forest Shoot for THE LIQUID SERIES by Jaroslav-AurumLight

Mature Content

EXPORT by Gesell

Mature Content

Poppy dream by Voodica

Street Art
infart 2010 06 by orticanoodles

Made with my (Free) stock
Le Cram Hideout by yampimon Muse by FurorArt

...and there is so much more fovorites on my page so check it out if you like

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Let me feature some of my favorites #18...

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 3, 2012, 5:52 AM
GENESIS OF DEATH by Gorgoncult This Way Up by PauloCunha Viscera Can Be Dangerous. by DanielOlivera One by semraturkmen Nun by BeatrizMartinVidal

In a Manner of Speaking by Les-Diables birnam by Art-de-Viant Flowers by amandadiazdotcom :thumb266531243: Cat eyes by cyricjumala

Delusion by reality-must-die Waiting for Athena by APetruk :thumb295624131: :thumb309097151: Painting Oil Art by Yaro42

The divisions of pleasure by deignis Maelstrom (colour) by imorawetz Omnia Est Intra by beaudeeley Divine Medicine Torrent by farboart

Pen and Ink
:thumb286569304: Mr. Sax by Skirill Mandala Bouquet by ObscureFamous $ 9.99 by HectorPineda Skull with Moss. by urielstempest

:thumb285274643: Birch Tree Bottle ( plus tutorial ) by smist :thumb200907459: Funeral meat by EvanCampbell

Mature Content

closed bust by theuzh

Mixed Media
The Golden Age by Yoann-Lossel :thumb304668257: Envy by nailone :thumb284086169: Angellum Chakra by Lakandiwa

Nature Photography
Midsummer Flowers by cprmay Torridonian Sandstone by Alex37 High Res Magnification by darkHunTer2009 :thumb310794498: Sentinels of the Arctic by niccolobonfadini

Beetle Interior by RevolverWinds

Nude Photography

Mature Content

Lactose by Meluxine

Mature Content

Tension by Alt-Images

Mature Content

eve by ezorenier

Mature Content

Epsilon by Anna-model

mothman. by PanZerkorps Taste Of Insanity by 3mmI Childhood Dream by theSong vertical turn by alltelleringet

Mature Content

Virgin by armene

corset tattoo 2 by psychodelic-candy Jessica's back tattoo. by M-Amey charming back by crotalo biomechanic oldskool pink by tattoopink

Mature Content

3682b Beautiful Nude Woman with Black Rose Tattoo by artonline

It's so annoying when you try and let the person know that his work is featured and you want to copy the message in at the featured image it becomes spam after you have copied it for several times.
It takes so much time this way :(

Anyway i hope you like the feature and you find some new and inspiring works.

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After participating in the the following journal…
that questioned if nude photography is art or not i was wandering which images i faved in nude photography...
Here they are, hope you like

Mature Content

Nymph by PorcelainPoet

Mature Content

power lines by ABrito

Mature Content

CHH2 by Ivetkan

Mature Content

jen_percolate_106BW by DavidLawrence

Mature Content

F___Me by brigham

Mature Content

Tangled Solidarity by bellabrooke

Mature Content

'S' by maestroWMR

Mature Content

Aquatic dance 12 by amelkovich

Mature Content

parallele universe by MichaelPe

Mature Content

To fall in love by LadyMartist

Mature Content

Dreams And Fairy Tales by RunsWithTheWind

Mature Content

mons veneris, Part II by HaraldW

Mature Content

inertia carnavalle by mastertouch

Mature Content

waves by alfred-georg

Mature Content

AK style by cenevols

Mature Content

the Sio Experiment day 3 by mastertouch

Mature Content

SOMEWHERE TREES by kevissimo


Mature Content

EXPLORER by Gesell

Mature Content

The Best Rear View Ever by NoNoizePhotography

Mature Content

..oo.. by TomasRucker

Mature Content

NF.11 by cenevols

Mature Content

2007-7235 by JimDuvall

Mature Content

duet by alfred-georg


Mature Content

soft as thunder by soheir
deep00 by artwom77

Mature Content

art  undressing by photoport

Mature Content

- Flesh Structures 01 - by mariusbudu

Mature Content

shot 1 by Britalicus

Mature Content

Christmas dance by photoport

Mature Content

Summer in fire by messtor

Mature Content

... In the Sky So Blue by alberich

Mature Content

21 by MecuroBCotto

Mature Content

artist and model2 by carvenaked

Mature Content

Integument by bellabrooke

Mature Content

A moment in time by EngagingPortraits

Mature Content

Est in media verum II by ada-lena

Mature Content

Coleman by atlas-7
Little Feather by PlastikStars

This was my conclusion for those who would like to know:

Nudity is something of everyday, we see ourselves naked evryday if you like it or not. Our human body can be considerd a beautiful piece of organic life that is made with the same little buildingblocks as everything else around us. It's a shame that we humuns made it something dirty or something to be ashamed about, something we can not see anymore without the rules we have layed upon. Because in the end it is as normal as the sun that comes up every day.

Is it art to show a naked body? No it is not it's just the subject. It's how the body or bodypart has been used or showed that makes the difference between art or a snapshot of a big penis or vagina or whatever. In the end both is good, if you think it is distastefull or not probably depends on the way you have been raised as a child. If you don't like these images of nudity just don't put them on your watchlist or click them away and at the same time don't judge the person that submitted the image or is watching it.

Awnsering the questions:
1. Do you think there is too much nude subject matter on deviantART or is it a non-issue for you? How much do you think your gender or sexual preferences might influence your answer?
No there is not to many or to little nude imagery on DA there just is. I think the amount has to be free as long as there no childeren or animals involved or undesirable violence is take place. Maybe my gender is an influence as i do believe that men are more sexual driven than females.

2. When is censorship of art permissible? Where would you draw the line? What rational rule could you offer as a practical guideline?
I think a practicle rule could be that underaged people should be warned when it contains sexual activity, bondage or fetish because it could be they are not ready for such imagery or do not understand these uses in sexuality. Although they would be triggerd to look anyway. For an adult i don't know where one should draw the line .

3. Have you ever had a work of art you created censored or banned in any way?

4. If an artist really believes in what he or she has created, how should the artist respond to censorship of that art? Have you been made aware of an instance of "art suppression" via the Internet?
Not really. For the more explicit sexual art there are communities on the internet as well. When using more global and bigger communities like facebook then the rules pile up.

5. Would you ever suggest to another artist that he or she should tone a work of art down or agree to the censorship of an art object in a specific situation?
No... maybe making the person aware what he is showing could harm certain viewers.
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For those who like to follow my work on facebook you can find me here:…

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Want an interesting documentary evening...

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 13, 2011, 11:33 AM
...about understanding life as far as science can take us. Very interesting stuff!
Watch them all three and you will go from the beginning of the universe to artificial inteligence.

1: BBC - Everything and Nothing - Everything…

2: BBC - Everything and Nothing - Nothing…

3: BBC - The Secret Life of Chaos…

Hope you enjoy them and i would would be glad to hear any thoughts on the subjects.

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Dark art continued...

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 26, 2011, 2:11 PM
:iconlucarossimartini: placed the following sentence in my last journal…:
"I think that an artist must leave a piece of his soul on paper, and if that soul is dark or clear and joyous as the sun does not matter".

It made me think again and got to the core of my interest in this quest...
In my opinion there are different levels of thinking. The level of thinking we use most of the time is the level of society rules and the "social" rules the governments have been setting out for ages to more or less suppress the people.
In the category of dark art i think there is the group who do not want to adjust to that and they will make dark art as a statement to let people know they are against this way of living (could be A or B) and therefore they will use only the concept.
Then there is the more symbolic use in art and i think this category diserves to be a new group... D :) and a lot of my drawings fit that discription.
If an artist wants to use the honoust symbolic representation they will have to go explore there inner world before making it and is in that way different then A or B... it is a thought or story that the artist wants to get out of his or her system.

C is therefore what comes without thinking, a flow of the subconscious,  which i find interesting because what does it say about the artist when these dark images come from a place which is more or less the base of there being.
I would say that makes the artist a more scary person then making it from A or B.
But how come that people that make this "Dark art" are, most of the time, still nice and caring people. Is it all a play or do these images represent, as i think, the fear itself within ones thinking from the core of the brain.

Curious what you think about this...

(Sorry for some of the bad english in some sentences :blush:

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I have a question...

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 16, 2011, 6:52 AM
I have a question for those who make so called "Dark Art".

A. Do you just gather some freaky images, throw some blood and skulls in and really don't think about it that much?

B. Do you just wan't (pretend) to be a freaky person to scare people off?

C. Do you consider it to be self-examination to get out of this darkness so you can evolve?

My explanationis; as i am asking you i feel i owe you that;
Dark art for me is not to scare other people or to be different. I guess my drawings became somewhat darker when i started with the search for the inner-self (and i have seen some way more darker stuff then mine).
When we as humans start to take that path to the inner-self the day to day thinking, wich for a lot of people contain fears and obsessions in different forms, is the biggest obstacle for reaching that point.
So it was and still is for me, but drawing helps to give these fears and obsessions a face. So for me it is C.

I' very corious about the 'honoust' awnsers that you will give.


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Journal Entry: Sat Mar 5, 2011, 11:57 AM
Hi everyone,

I entered the showdown contest and
with this drawing Mother Nature... by MBKKR. If you like this maybe you would like to take the time and vote for my work.

This is the link to my entry:…

You will have to get registered by the way, but its an interesting place to share your work.

So, a big thanks for those who will vote for me!

As i am a member of the VisionaryArtGallery maybe you could check out the entries of other members.
Here is a… to the blog of Otto Rapp who has made a page with all the links to the entries.

Kind regards and big thanks,
Marcel Bakker

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The amount of detail...

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 11, 2011, 10:38 AM
The amount of detail is the time spent on the question. The conclusion of the question dances in a composition of symbolism as a visual poetry.
The game of questions and answers raises the awareness of the inner being. Therefore, the conclusions are more important than the creative talent. But this talent is a valuable tool for walking... on the path to inner consciousness.

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Mother nature is having a.... Daily Deviation

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 30, 2011, 3:09 AM
Yeah, my second Daily Deviation.
I'm really glad that it is with the drawing 'Mother nature is having a headache' as it is my own favorite and with an important message.
Therefor i want to thank :iconladyfromeast: for recommending my drawing 'Mother nature is having a headache' as a Daily Deviation and :iconmollinda: for featuring it. :D

Thanx again!

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